Get Paid to Write- Top 10 Articles Writing Sites

Top 10 Articles Writing Sites

Earning money by writing articles has become increasingly popular in In today age. You may be a seasoned writer or just starting out. Many platforms will pay for your content. However, with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. This article will list the top 10 sites that pay writers for their articles. It will offer insight into each platform’s features, how they pay, and their community.

Writing Articles for Pay

Writing articles for pay has emerged as a viable source of income for many individuals. Content-driven websites and online publications are on the rise. They need more high-quality writing. This is a chance for writers to show their skills. They can also show their expertise while earning a steady income.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Writing Platform

Before start writing, you must consider many factors. They can affect your experience and success. You must evaluate quality guidelines, payment rates, and payment methods. Also, consider community support. These are key when selecting a writing platform.

Quality Guidelines

Each writing platform has its own quality guidelines. Writers must adhere to them when submitting articles. These guidelines typically outline formatting requirements, word count limits, and content expectations. You must learn these guidelines. They ensure your submissions meet the platform’s standards.

Payment Rates and Methods

When choosing a writing platform, consider the payment rates offered for articles. Some platforms pay per word, while others offer fixed rates per article. Also, examine the payment methods available. Ensure they match your preferences and access.

Community and Support

Community and support are vital aspects of any writing platform. Look for platforms that have a supportive community of writers. They should also offer resources to help you improve. This camaraderie is invaluable. It is especially for beginners navigating freelance writing.

Top 10 Write Articles Website That Pay you for your writing

Are you an aspiring writer looking to make money online? Look no further! Here are the top 10 websites that offer payment for writing articles:

1. Upwork: Where Freelancers Flourish

Upwork is a leading platform connecting freelancers with clients worldwide. You can find many writing opportunities. They range from blog posts to technical articles. Set your rates, negotiate terms, and get paid for your writing expertise.

2. Freelancer: Your Gateway to Writing Success

Freelancer provides a vast array of writing projects for freelancers. Bid on projects that match your skills and interests, and get paid for your contributions. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned writer, Freelancer offers opportunities for all.

3. Fiverr: Transform Your Words into Wealth

Fiverr revolutionizes freelancing with its user-friendly platform. Create gigs offering article writing services, set your prices, and attract clients worldwide. With Fiverr, you control your workload and earnings.

4. iWriter: Your Hub for Content Creation

iWriter connects writers with clients seeking quality content. Browse through writing gigs. Choose assignments that match your expertise. Earn money for your contributions. iWriter offers a seamless platform for writers to monetize their skills.

5. Textbroker: Launch Your Writing Career

Textbroker provides writers with a steady stream of writing assignments. Join Textbroker. Choose projects you like. Get paid based on your skill. Whether you’re a novice or expert, Textbroker offers opportunities for growth.

6. Constant Content: Monetize Your Creativity

Constant Content connects writers with businesses in need of quality content. Submit your articles to the catalog. Clients can buy them for their platforms. Earn money while writing about topics that interest you.

7. WriterAccess: Your Gateway to Premium Content

WriterAccess offers writers the opportunity to work with high-profile clients. Join here, showcase your expertise, and attract clients seeking premium content. With WriterAccess, you can earn top dollar for your writing skills.

8. Contently: Where Brands Connect with Writers

Contently connects writers with leading brands and publishers. Make a portfolio showing your work. Then, get matched with clients who want quality content. With Contently, you can build a rewarding writing career.

9. BloggingPro: Your Source for Freelance Blogging Jobs

BloggingPro is a dedicated job board for freelance writers. Browse through blogging gigs, submit applications, and get hired for writing assignments. BloggingPro offers a convenient platform for writers to find blogging opportunities.

10. Writers Weekly: Your Weekly Dose of Writing Jobs

Writers Weekly provides writers with a weekly newsletter featuring writing opportunities. Subscribe to Writers Weekly. Then, access writing job listings and apply for gigs that interest you. With Writers Weekly, you can stay updated on writing opportunities.

How to Get Started with These Sites

Getting started with these writing platforms is relatively straightforward. Start by creating an account on the platform’s website. Then, get to know their submission guidelines. Pay close attention to any specific requirements or preferences outlined by the platform. Additionally, consider implementing the following tips for success:

  • Craft compelling pitches: Research each platform’s audience. Tailor your pitches accordingly.
  • Meet deadlines: Do so on time or early to build a reputation for reliability and professionalism.
  • Engage with the community: Participate in forums, comment sections, and social media groups to network with other writers and editors.

Pros and Cons of Writing for Pay

While writing for pay offers numerous benefits, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons before diving in.


  • Flexibility: Write on your own schedule and from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Income potential: Earn a steady income or supplement your existing earnings through writing.
  • Skill development: Enhance your writing skills and expand your portfolio by tackling a variety of topics.


  • Uncertainty: Freelance writing can be unpredictable, with fluctuating demand and income.
  • Competition: The writing market is competitive, requiring persistence and perseverance to stand out.
  • Rejection: Expect to face rejection from time to time, but use it as an opportunity to learn and improve.


These top 10 websites offer writers the chance to make money. They can monetize their skills by writing articles online. The platform is for both beginners and seasoned writers. You can use it to showcase your talent and get paid for your work. Start exploring these websites today and embark on your journey to writing success!

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